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Kourosh™ is registered trademark of Lahoya Enterprise, Inc. formerly known as Terani Knit. Established in mid 90’s of the last century, Kourosh™ had made its name known as Terani Knit in the first decade of the millennium. The collection succeeded as a well-recognized name in women's apparel in USA. Since its establishment, Terani Knit had focused on creating unique fashionable designs, using only high quality materials, but always keeping a reasonable price. Styles are still handmade with a concentration on quality and elegance, and are customizable and can be ordered in a variety of colors and in petit to plus sizes. Kourosh™ is a very unique knit designer brand, made in the USA, dedicated to enhancing the beauty of any woman wearing this luxurious designer brand. The brand features a very chic and stylish look, with each garment being knitted from the finest yarns and refined with exquisite rhinestones, sequins, beads and embroideries. This collection retains the well-known formal and traditional look while adding a tasteful, edgy and exciting touch, providing you with a garment that gives you a perfect appeal. Kourosh™ collection emphasizes on retaining your sophistication making these designs very adaptable for many occasions such as weddings, Sunday best, business dinners and many more so you can wear your new knit dress or suit from day to night which is a very convenient quality. Kourosh™ is to maintain the high values of Terani Knit and enhance them by adding modernization. Our aim is the highest quality with the modest prices. New brand name will bring together the traditions of attention to detail and quality with aspiration of modern fashion trends and innovations.


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